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Jan 8, 2013 2:00pm EST
involved in the beginning. >> make you work for your buck. stacy, we've got price matching wars all year-round. it's a race to the bottom. where do we go from here? free mani pedi with every purchase. >> i wish. >> jcpenney, free haircut. i think that's the issue, last year started with free shipping, then free gift wrapping. certainly now it's price matching all year long. this is a big deal. this comes from target. this is a company that typically does not compete in the promotional wars over holiday. one of the few retailers that keeps gross margin intact. >> saks, would they lower themselves to do it as well. >> i'm glad you asked that question about saks. i had an experience, wrote an article for you guys. saks in the store i bought a dress full price. i went online, it was 65% off. i tried to get them to get me the discount. they said, sorry, we're two separate entities. >> don't moan and groan, if i was a shareholder that makes me happy. if i was a customer, that would make me sad. >> makes me not want to go there. >> guess what saks is doing on that dress you foolishly overpaid f
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
) good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred. >>> people who worry about global warming just got some new evidence. kate's here. she's got more on this and some of the day's other top stories. kate? >> take a look no further than just last year. the scientists who keep the nation's temperature records say 2012 not only was the warmest on record, thanks to the droughts, tornadoes, and hurricanes, it also comes in second for years with the most extreme weather. the u.s. racked up a total of 11 weather-related disasters that caused at least $1 billion in losses. >>> and we should find out tomorrow whether the people who run the insurance company aig are looking to maybe bite the hand that saved them. the federal government spent $182 billion bailing out ai
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2